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As Above Jewelry is 3D-printed jewelry derived from each users' uniquely generated astrological charts.

As Above Jewelry is a project about design and technology, ancient and modern, science and belief, physical and digital, meaning and abstraction.

We hope each of our our objects inspires a small, beautiful memory.

Who We Are



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What does my chart mean?

    A: There are many interpretations of a chart. This interpretation is best done by an experienced astrologer. We will have recommendations here soon too help you find someone to read your chart.

  • Q: How long will it take to recieve my piece?

    A: We estimate 2-3 weeks to ship your piece. Each piece is ordered from our 3D-printing supplier, and hand finished, before being assembled by hand by us. As each one is a custom order, this takes time.

  • Q: I would like to purchase one as a gift for an anniversary/birthday/holiday. Can I request a rush order?

    A: Unfortunately we cannot rush orders. We will soon be producing a card set made for when you are on a deadline. Stay tuned :)

  • Q: What is the technical process used to produce the pieces?

    A: The silver and brass pieces are 3D-printed in wax and then cast using a lost-wax process. They are then hand polished. The steel pieces are made using a sinter / binder jet 3D-printing process and then coated.

Technical Astrology FAQ

  • Q: What house system do you use?

    A: Placidus. We are currently working on giving the option of other house systems when you create your chart.

  • Q: Some of my houses and planets seem to be innacurate?

    A: See above.

  • Q: I don't see some bodies- Ceres, South Node, etc.

    A: We are currently considering adding other planets and nodes.

  • Q: How do you select the aspects that appear in the jewelry?

    A: We employ our own algorithm for selecting the aspects based on prioritizing sun, moon and rising aspects, among other things.

  • Q: I have a grand trine/cross etc. in my chart. Why isn't it in the jewelry?

    A: We have decided not to prioritize planetary patterns in our algorithm.

  • Q: I'd like to select my own aspects in my jewelry.

    A: That feature will be available in the future.

How We Make Our Jewelry

1. Each piece is printed upon your order, in one of two processes. Steel pieces are made with a sintered / binder jet process. Silver and Brass pieces are printed in wax for casting. Silver and Brass pieces take around 8 business days to be manufactured. Steel pieces take around 9 business days.

2. Silver and Brass pieces are cast in a tradtional jewellry making process and then hand polished.

3. The piece is then shipped to us in California for assembly and packaging with your printed chart.


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